Terms of Use

By submitting your application to us at SYM Crew SARL; trading as SYM CREW, SYM CREW MONEY &
SUNSEEKER CREW, hereinafter referred to as “SYM Crew” acting in the capacity of a yacht crew
recruitment agency and advisor to yacht crew, you agree to these Terms. This is a legal agreement.

You acknowledge that SYM Crew will not at any time be treated or will act as your employer. We will not
enter into a contract of employment with you. The third parties to which SYM Crew submit your
application shall have full discretion over the application and SYM Crew is in no way responsible for the
decisions of third parties as to whether or not to appoint you. Furthermore, SYM Crew shall have no
liability in respect of any claims which may arise as a result of the submission of your application or any
subsequent employment which results from your application.

In no circumstances shall any application or successful appointment by a third party be construed as
creating an employment relationship between you and SYM Crew. SYM Crew make no representation or
warranty as to the final terms or duration of any appointment obtained through our services. Further,
no representations are made as to the availability of positions advertised by SYM Crew and we do not
guarantee that any third party to whom we submit your application will offer any interview, employment
or respond to you following submission of your application.

By submitting your application by email or in person and/or by registering on our database and
completing a candidate record, you acknowledge and consent to the use of your details (including any
sensitive personal data) in connection with the purpose for which you submitted your application. This
includes but is not limited to sending your information to third parties for the purpose of submitting your
application for their consideration. SYM Crew shall have no liability as regards the use of your information
once it has been passed onto third parties.

All collected information shall be subject to data entry with a view to forwarding your personal details and
information to potential employers and clients in the course of the recruitment process.
In line with European GDPR regulations implemented the 25th May 2018, we comply with the following
data protection principles:

Your personal information is processed according to the six data protection principles:
• Processed lawfully, fairly and transparently.
• Collected only for specific legitimate purposes.
• Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary.
• Accurate and kept up to date.
• Stored only as long as is necessary.
• Appropriate security, integrity and confidentiality.

People to receive said data are clients of the company known as SYM CREW SARL. They are mainly
captains, other senior crew responsible for recruitment, and owners of sailing and motor yachts, as well as
charter brokerage firms.

By registering with us you implicitly accept these Terms of Use. The terms of this document are governed
by French law.

If you have any queries in relation to this document please contact info@symcrew.eu (Subject: GDPR)
Or call our office +33 4 93 341 3 94

For further information see our Privacy Policy at www.symcrew.eu and www.sunseekercrew.com

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